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Raymond Tindell,
Attorney at Law
1122 NE 122nd Ave Ste B211
Portland, OR  97230

Attorney with 26 years experience representing those accused of crimes in the State of Oregon, Developing Strategies for effective representation, including Pre-Charge Representation, Investigation, Negotiation, Motion Hearings, Trials, Appeals, Post Conviction Relief 



~~All Measure 11 offenses, Homicides, Felony Assaults, Kidnapping, Arson,  Domestic Violence; Vigorous Sex Offenses Defense including Computer Crimes and Internet Allegations, ~~

~~Defense of Possession, Delivery, Manufacturing of Controlled Substances, Commercial Drug Operations~~

~~Driving Under Influence of Intoxicants/Major Traffic Offenses , DUII, Hit and Run, Reckless Driving, Attempt to Elude(alcohol, Prescription Medication, Illegal Substances Impairment), dmv hearings, the 1st 10 days after the arrest are critical to the defense, Motions to Suppress the Stop and Arrest~~

~~Property Crimes; Robbery, Burglary, Theft, Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle, Identity Theft, Forgery, Computer Property crimes~~ 

~~Guns/Firearms; crimes involving use of guns, firearms, ammunition, Enhancement Penalties, Mandatory Minimums, 2nd Amendment issues of US Constitution~~

~~4th Amendment Search and Seizure Issues; 5th and 6th Amendment issues, due process, rights to fair trial~~

~~Criminal Appeals/Post Conviction Relief after Judgment has been Entered ~~

~~Motions to Modify Sentence; Motions for New Trial~~ 

Recent Appeal win reported and quoted "The Oregonian"


Read this interesting Appeal Decision from Court of Appeals:

An another appeal win overturning 33 year conviction in Measure 11 case:


Marion County Circuit Court, Salem, Or, 11/4/13, convinced Marion County DA to dismiss Felony Driving While Suspended AND talking on Phone while driving charges;

Multnomah County Circuit Court, Portland, OR, 10/10/13, represented father contesting restraining Order; Dismissed; 

Linn County Circuit Court, Albany, OR, 11/11/13; convinced DA to dismiss Delivery of Methamphetamine charges due to lack of evidence, client Ordered immediately released from custody;

Federal District Court of Oregon, 6/7/13, Defended charges of Delivery of Heroin Causing Death of another, (Len Bias  Law), 4 day Jury Trial, 1st NOT GUILTY in USA for that charge !!! (guilty of lesser charge of Conspiracy)

Hood River Circuit Court, 4/18/13, convinced DA to dismiss Hit and Run/Criminal Mischief charges, one week before trial

Washington County, Hillsboro, 4/16/13, child custody awarded to client father.

Multnomah County, 3/21/13, child custody awarded to client father 

Washington County, 3/20/13, client released from jail posting no bail on Measure 11, Assault 1 charge

Multnomah County, 2/19/13, Obtained reduction from a B Felony Delivery of Controlled Substance for Consideration....to a Misdemeanor

Trial, Multnomah County, defended charges of Attempted Promoting Prostitution, 2/6/13, verdict NOT GUILTY !!

7/25/12; Convinced Multnomah County DA (Portland) to dismiss charges of Delivery/Possession of Controlled Substance, lack of credible evidence

Gresham Circuit Court, 6/5/12, defended 2 Counts Disorderly Conduct, Judge grants Motion for Judgment of Acquittal after State rests its case on both counts, Case Dismissed !!  Protected rights to freedom of speech and expression can never be Disorderly Conduct unless there is actual and present threat of violence

Win for mother's rights, 5/8/12 represented mom in Clackamas County Court against efforts to reduce her 50/50 visitation to every other weekend...visitation Ordered remaining the same !!!

Defended Delivery of Controlled Substance charges, 5/4/12, Dismissed day before trial, Multnomah County Circuit Court 

Handled Jury Trial, Clackamas County, defended charges of Domestic Violence Harassment, 4/27/12, verdict NOT GUILTY !!

Successful Jury and Court trials, and all aspects of pre-trial Motion practice, throughout the State of Oregon, since 1987

Handled 119 Appeals Cases in the State of Oregon since 1991

The best possible outcome for the client is always pursued. 

PHILOSOPHY, POLICY, PROCEDURE IN CRIMINAL CASES:  CONSTITUTIONAL LAW  as applied to Criminal Cases:  Not enough is utilized these days of the United States and Oregon Constitutions in the practice of criminal defense.  Daily companions of Attorney Raymond Tindell are the United States and Oregon Constitutiones, regarding the assertion of client's rights to the presumption of innocence, to making the Government prove every single element of its alleged case beyond a resaonble doubt, required probable cause of the police prior to obtaining a Search Warrant, sufficient warnings of rights required prior to police questioning, the rights to effective assistance of legal counsel, and to Due Process and Equal Protection of the laws, to a Fair Trial, to Reasonable and non-excessive bail; pursuant to US Constitution Amendments 4, 5, 6, 8 , 14, and Oregon Constitution, Article 1, Sections 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20

The best results are obtained with efforts to have superior knowledge of the case.  In any good actual or potential defense of criminal accusations, it is necessary to immediately investigate as soon as possible to assist in getting witness statements and perform other expert analysis such as psychological examinations, accident reconstruction, chemical and potential dna analysis, forensic business records analysis, and other tests performed independently and without the knowledge of the State only revealing this information when the law requires as discovery or in negotiations or in suggesting that the Government Dismiss or reduce the charges yet to be filed or already filed.  This office works with investigators, forensics experts, psychologists and other professionals in formulating the best defense and strategy.  Also where appropriate, consultation is made with law enforcement on client's behalf so that client may remain silent with these issues.  This can sometimes make it possible to resolve, or dismiss cases prior to their even being filed and obtaining evidence prior to the Government obtaining this same material evidence or gaining advantage at both pre-trial Hearings and at Trial.  At all stages of the proceedings Attorney Raymond Tindell views the relationship between client and attorney as a working partnership and must involve mutual trust while preserving the sanctity of confidential communications.

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Juris Doctor Degree, Southern Methodist University
Bachelor of Divinity, University of Metaphysical Sciences
Bachelors of Education, The University of Miami 

Diploma Jazz Trumpet, Interlochen Arts Academy

RAYMOND TINDELL, Attorney at Law
1122 NE 122nd Ave, Ste B211
Portland, OR  97230

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